lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

My stgo...

Santiago is a fast movement´s city for the population who live here, the big avenues are monotonous, specially the centre of the city. One thing I like dislike from Santiago is few of parks and green zones, are very few. And when you go to a park is like you go out the city; how if the park and the city aren’t connected.
The city of Santiago has just a few things that I like because usually I don’t like the urban life. But the couple of things in Santiago that I like, I take my time for enjoy it when I can. For example the “secret corners” in the city; when I was in secondary I go walking to the school and once time when I go to study I turn off to the way of the school -honestly I run away of class (…)- and I find a big square that I never saw; with big trees who give shadow to all square and the grass was green and extended for the ground, the bench are comfortable and this was so quiet, I remember I lie to the grass all the morning and I did relax and disconnected from the class and the routine. Like this secret corner, I saw a couple more for Santiago’s surrounding.
I thing a change that would make this city a better place is give more space for the cyclist, in fact I would like to see -if it is possible- a bicycle´s street, and not just a path in middle of a park or to side from a avenue.
The tips I would give to a visitor to the city are go to the Santiago a Mil Festival if the visitor come in summer, visit the Vinoteca in Providencia if the visitor like the wine, maybe I forced him to watch the San Antonio de Padua’s Carnival in October.

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

Paulo's Blog correction

Hello everyone and happy New Year. Today I will talk about my animal in the Chinese zodiac, the horse. The horoscope says the horse are very strength and animated, this is a quality that I’m agree because is corresponded with me, I’m a very energy person and always do things with the best disposition. I feel very strength. Also says horses are outgoing, this sometimes is corresponded with me, it depend of the person with I’m treating; if the person seems to me a little reliable, I will be lees outgoing with him. And well it says that like me to be the center of attention, and this is not true, I prefer to have a low profile. The horoscope have right in that I’m a friendly person and with a good humour. Also says horses are very healthy and that is true, I hardly ever fall sick, and many times this depends of my mood. I like a lot the free spaces; I don’t know is something I cannot explain but, I feel my spirit free. About my career says that the horses enjoy to interact with other people, and well yes, I like me a lot to work with other persons, but I hate the routine and spouse that is the reason for I’m studding geography, I believe that with this career i will travel, and know many places, that will be a very dynamic career. And about power? Says the horses enjoy the power, I don’t know, doesn’t experiment yet. Finally about relationships say that horses are very spontaneous and that they give themselves fully, and that is true to the moment, but I hope to control this someday. Well I can say that the zodiac have right just in some aspects, but the person always can change to be like it wants to be. 

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

goat: chinese zodiac

Well I don’t looking the horoscope usually, but I interest the Chinese’s stuff. Anyway, my sign in the Chinese horoscope is Goat or Sheep, because I was born in autumn 1991.
By other hand, my star sign is Gemini, honestly I don’t know what is the useless of this horoscope. The Chinese horoscope is more mystic and millenary, and is more credible for me.
I read something about the horoscope just when I find it in a magazine or some like that when I go to the doctor or in the hairdresser when I wait my turn. I don’t interest in this things really.
About the description of the Goat’s sign in; this has something that not true for me, for example I don’t have an artistic side or talent for that.  And the goods works and careers for the goat aren’t my preference for this topics.
But a couple of ideas maybe are true; in a group I prefer the sidelines rather than the centre, and I’m quiet and reserved. The part when say about a few “close” friends is totally like me.
About the elements, mine is Metal because I born in 1991, but I don’t very comfortable whit the description about this element; I don’t feel fragile for inside and I am not an appreciative of art. But is true about the metal goats are close to understood and accept this.
Finally say the compatibility  of goat is with rabbits  and pigs, but that is for check.

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

favourite english christmas song

The king is the best...
...and if the king wish you a happy christmas that is the very best XD

Merry christmas

This Christmas was very exhausted, especially the days preview to Christmas, I cannot find gifs for my all family and I run and run looking for presents.
Just Saturday I had every gifs but I did notice I didn’t know how wrap gift. Anyway, the Christmas’s night I went with my mom and my uncle to visit my grandma and later we went to visit other family, was a really funny night and the laughing was excessive. And the guys had a long conversation about soccer for around 4 hours, because I notice was 6 o’clock when we finish the conversation.
I ate too much, there was a barbecue and I ate all night, how Christmas was a warm night I drank Michelada; so delicious so fresh, and a great homemade Cola de mono. And others drinks.
When I back home in the morning of Sunday I just did sleep and wake up around midday. This Christmas was funny because my family opened the gifs the Sunday evening, and my little brother received a lot of gifts, in fact he tired for open so much present.
Was I good Christmas because I visit family who I don’t see for a long time.

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Favourite beach

I’m not a big fan of the beach, especially in summer; I prefer pools and other activities, but I like a good beach quietly and empty in winter.
When I go to the Punta de Tralca’s beach, I usually go to rest and de-stress, I sleep all day about 14 hours every day, and enjoy a hike in the night and run along of the beach in the morning. These stuffs are very comfortable to me. In fact are the only activities what I like to do when I go to beach, just in a couple times I go to swim in the sea.
I go there once each two years, but I don’t go since 2007. When I go to the beach, I go just in winter and just for couples of weeks, occasionally a month.
Is funny because I always go with different people; with my brothers and parents, with my cousins, with friends, uncles, etcetera. But I never went there alone, because somebody has to cook to me and make house’s stuffs when I am sleeping.
For route 68 direction Valparaiso, when you past Algarrobo you turn left to El Quisco, past this beach and then you see a sign what indicate the entrance to Punta de Tralca.
I like this beach because is so quiet and empty when I go in the winter. I can rest of any trouble and I disconnect myself of the world.
Is a good spend of time in vacation for me.

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

One by one with... Layne Stanley

Layne Stanley, voice of Alice in Chains wa a Singer a compositor exceptional, with great talent and great feeling, and great ability to transmit this feeling in your music. He died in Abril 5 in 2002, by drugs overdoses. I had loved go to one of his concert. He started like a drummer but he wanted be a Singer. I choose him for an one on one. I had wanted a conversation with him because he was a really expresive artist, maybe a little sad but feeling are feeling, right?. The importants topics in his live was the family troubles in him childhood. Absent parents, drugs and alcohol was easy take in house. His voice was awesome, it was harmonyc and soft, and by other hand the high and heartbreakings notes were powerfull. I would like ask him, how much is influence of drugs in his career and how much is talent in the composition of the lyrics  of the songs? I would like ask about his favourites musicians, the most influential people in his live . What he thinking about his parents? Bad parents, negligents?  And finally, Do you think you would have been a drug addict if you father hadn´t brought home?